About Us

Efor carpet is a carpet brand bought by halısan textile starting international trade in 1985 and being one of the export champions of turkey to the turkish carpet sector
Efor carpet was established on the principles and soundness of halısan textile. Working without making concession of business ethic, devotion and discipline, quality and high quality service being basic principles of halısan textile are the basic principles of efor carpet.
This philosophy of halısan textile providing high quality products and services up to now, all the time will be applied as Efor carpet. working self sacrificing, open to innovations and faithful for traditions are the priorities of Efor carpet
We as halısan textile aim to bring a new linet o sector with Efor carpet brand as a result of long-year sector experiences and by means of perception of productuon with out making concession of quality.
We produce pp heatset, pp frise, pp polyester and acrylic carpet by 11 looms, efor carpet Works by custom, company is following customer decision.

Efor carpet can weave an average of 300,000 square meters of carpet per month .